About Us

Our Versatility Is Our Strength

Given our vast experience across many trades in the construction industry the advantage of which is quickly realized by all parties involved in a project, helps expedite the required coordination between forces.  From design/build to particular trade responsibilities, we often tell our customers, "Tell us where to start and stop" as to performance.  Licensed efforts ranging from limited general contracting to HVAC, Problem Resolution Services, Energy and Resource Management to complete building automation, we can add invaluable experience to almost any project.  With the freedom to select the best-valued equipment on a project, coupled with the state-of-the-art automation products as manufactured by Distech Controls™, presents an unsurpassed level of opportunities. 

Energy savings potential resides within all buildings.  Experience in recognizing the signs of inefficiencies is paramount to solid business relationships moving forward.  Simply servicing or maintaining one's equipment is no longer enough in keeping pace with your competition.  Investing in the future does not include yesterday's approach toward standard engineering practice.  Rather, bold outside the box thinking yields the larger returns.  Lighting, comfort and process systems, coupled with proper metering of all resources consumed, paint a significant picture of need for all operations.  With Distech Controls EC-NetAX™ products, Powered by Niagara AX Framework™ by Tridium™ the ability to manage data and therefore operations is always at your fingertips.  As ever-increasing case studies or simply increased performances prove, things thought out of reach previously are now rapidly becoming the standard in getting the most out of every dollar spent in providing the business environment what is deemed essential to continued operation.

Without naming names...

We have developed quite a respectable history in the course of our 28 plus years in operation as Brown Brothers of Georgia, Inc. The key word there being respectable; we do not take lightly the duty to respect relationships.  In a generic manner, to offer insight as to our completed projects ranging from elaborate sheet metal fabrication of enormous air distribution assemblies in use at a local utility to strategically placing mechanical equipment in dense woods at a local museum to maintain the setting's original integrity, yet provide state-of-the-art conditioning to the structure served.

Performance of prime contractor responsibilities for numerous public school systems, K-12, higher education both public and private, as well as federal properties operating in sensitive health and human service environments.

Presence in high profile locations serving various state agencies and arenas.  Specific security thresholds met for endorsement to limited access facilities.  Innovative measures to maintain the historical significance of multiple structures recognized on the United States Historical Register.

Manufacturing facilities ranging from mass media to electronic production and food preparation.  Design/build duties for system controls and monitoring at a new state of the art concept/research/design/development and production facility here in Georgia.  Compliance efforts for an international manufacturer to meet specific environmental guidelines in the north Georgia region.

Including health care, television/film and the transportation industry, to faith based organizations facilities and beyond, our participation in the mechanical field has brought us together with numerous architectural and engineering firms.  We recently teamed with a local engineering consultant, which allowed the development of a comprehensive technical overview and detailed report to attempt to remedy sub-standard work.

Whether the scope of work be as small as a single floor tenant in a local development or as complex as a complete institutional kitchen at a major resort coordinated for turnkey installation responsibilities in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the call you make to Brown Brothers of Georgia, Inc. is one you will be glad you made.  Feel free to contact us today to arrange an in-person meeting where we can answer any questions you may have and offer specifics on any of our past performances and our professional references.


Brown Brothers of Georgia, Inc., is an Authorized System Integrator of Distech Controls™.  Since December 2013, Brown Brothers of Georgia, Inc., has represented Distech Controls' solutions, proudly providing installation, service and maintenance expertise.  As an Authorized System Integrator, Brown Brothers of Georgia, Inc., is factory-trained on Distech Controls products, bringing superior, qualified know-how to the market.  Distech Controls, Inc., is a subsidiary of Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc.™  For more information visit www.distech-controls.com


Ron and Rob are actively involved in the day to day operation of the business where as Bob is engaged on a case by case basis as our in-house professional mechanical engineer.  Our organization maintains several specific trade licenses, ranging from general contracting with Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission Level IA certification, through plumbing, HVAC, electrical and low voltage as recognized by the State of Georgia.  Beyond Georgia, we hold mechanical and professional engineering licenses in Alabama.  Ron and Rob total over 79 years in the mechanical field with Bob adding in excess of 50 years in project management and design responsibilities. 

It is our firm belief that the positive experiences over the numerous years in these various fields of participation enable us to give back in a tangible way coupled with our partners, to assist less fortunate churches as determined by the Gergia Stone Mountain Baptist Association.  Specifically, the Bold Mission Builders effort is our way of using the resources available to us in assisting faith-based organizations realize new HVAC systems below actual costs.  From design through installation and commissioning, the coordinated effort of similar volunteers yields much.